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on October 29, 2020 at 6pm EST

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Secret #1: He is Not Toxic, He is Just A F*ckBoy.
Learn How to Spot a Fuckboy Versus a Toxic Man INSTANTLY So You Don’t Waste Another Minute of Your Precious Energy. 

Secret #2: You Break Your Own Heart
Finally Learn theTRUTH About Fuckboys and Committed Relationships So You Can Stop Doin That, GF.  

Secret #3: He Has Already Put You in a Box
Identify and Break the Ceiling on the Invisible Box Your Fuckboy Has Placed You Into So You Can Get What You Have Always Wanted From Him. 

About The Head Bitches in Charge:

Megan Weks
Flex your ex; fascinate your Fuckboy with the help of Forbes featured dating expert & author Megan Weks, founder of the Manfunnel®️. She has been helping women meet, attract and marry their high caliber man quickly. 
Gabrielle Natalie
With Gabrielle Natalie, master the art of self love and confidence so that you pop at any party or event. As an international dating & relationship coach, she specializes in narcissistic abuse. She considers herself the ultimate Fuckgirl, getting courted in the hottest destinations, while she keeps her focus on her career, and you!
Paige Michelle
Paige Michelle is a world renowned Human Potential Expert, Human Design Authority and Celebrity Relationship Advisor. Her biggest flex is that she has never been ghosted and is a favorite among many Alpha Men (the ultimate fuckboys and her favorite type to play with) who love to take amazing care of her. 

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